A bit about k.

Kirstin Poulsen is a visual artist currently based out of Collingwood, Ontario. She studied Fine Arts at Queen's University (Class of 2020).


Kirstin works with a breadth of materials including: ink drawings; acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings; screen printing, stone lithography, waterless photolithography; and digital media graphic design. 


A recurring theme in Kirstin’s work is the fragile spirit within young girls. This subject evolved organically from her personal battle with an eating disorder. Surrendering her feelings to art was the start to Kirstin's recovery. Her canvas became the escape she needed to identify and extricate the unwelcome guest. With her adopted medium, Kirstin now hopes to advocate for more truth and well being. 


Victims of social pressure often become the culprits. The artist is no exception. By unmasking her struggles, she hopes to help her audience explore and question why we care what others think? Kirstin's work shares what it's like being a young girl under the watch of... well… everyone.


But, who is really watching whom?